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About Artainment - Introduction by Da Vid Rapahel, MD

see also Inner Flame (10 min)

Featured DVD:
Evolution of Consciousness.

This remarkable 40 Minute Artainment program is the result of years of in-depth philosophical exploration into the deeper mysteries of life. ''The Evolution Of Consciousness'' integrates Art, Science Philosophy and Religion into a creative living matrix which serves to "Inspire, Delight Heal and Enlighten" This profoundly beautiful, archetypical, transpersonal meditative, journey spans 15 Billion years of "Time". ''The Evolution Of Consciousness'' answers in a sublime and subliminal way the fundamental questions of life... Who Are We?...Where Did we come from ?... and perhaps most importantly where are we going? Watch Video Clip

Artainment is new art form which is both evolutionary and revolutionary in that it serves to actualize human potential through the masterful synergy and synchronization of sacred mandalic art, sacred geometries, exquisite natural imagery and beautiful music.

Artainment elicits a powerful emotional, transpersonal, and transcendental experience which demonstrably and consistently "Inspires, Delights ,Heals And Enlightens"

Artainment has powerful psychotherapeutic properties which create:

(a) A genuine meditative experience...
(b) Deep relaxation and anxiety reduction...
(c) An integration of the right and left hemispheres of the brain
(d) An activation of the artist within...
(e) An expansion of one’s consciousness and ignites one's innate creative imagination...
(f) A permanent positive mental emotional attitude as many of our programs directly align us to our spiritual core...the source of Peace , Love, Harmony Bliss and Freedom!

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